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our Organic Artisan Soaps

Mainly made of Organic Coconut Oil (USDA certified) and Shea Butter (>70%), our All Natural Soaps clean and nourish your skin organically.

Their long shelf lives without any synthetic preservatives needed make them a good choice for no toxic chemicals in your daily bath.


Nourishing Salt Scrub with Shea Butter

We made our Salt Scrub from Sea salt, Organic coconut oil (USDA certified), and Shea Butter to gently scrub, help disinfection, anti-inflammation, fade scars and nourish your skin.

Scented with Pure essential oils , their aroma of natural herbs refresh your mind.


Our Pure Herbal Essential Oils  and  Skincare Oils bring you great health benefits when used following instructions of Aromatherapist.

They will improve your health, boost you immune system, nourish your skin or take care of the clean & safe environment in your house.


Our organic journey started in 2010 in Hanoi. We now have 3 product lines made of all natural and organic ingredients for goodcare of your bath time. See how we developed our artisan soaps and where we are going.

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