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Our Bath & Body Products for Generation 2K

are inspired by nature and mainly made with Organic & Natural Ingredients.

We target to bring high quality products to serve the golden generation as a way to speak out 2K self-motivation of being responsible consumers. Our products origin from soap, an ancient cleanser, with modifications to fit modern lifestyle.

Be True You with Gen2K.


Our premium products for bath & skincare made of all natural ingredients to limit the exposure to synthetic harsh chemicals for healthy skin and healthy body.


Our customers are desired to have the best products with luxury lather, good texture and amazing aroma from herbs for their perfect relaxing bath time.


We are proudly to reduce our footprints on Mother Earth with least waste from bio-degradable products and recyclable packaging.


Natural Origin

Highest Certified Organic up to 90%

(excluding water and salt)

No animal test

No toxic synthetic chemicals

Transperent ingredient lists

Stringent quality control

Honesty beyon business benefits

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