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1. What's in the soaps of Hebe's Naturals and what's quality?

We only use premium virgin vegetable oils in soap production. Our products are not tested on animals. Soaps are scented by herbs and pure essential oils.

We do not use industrial / synthetic compounds to enhance lather, harden and emusify our soaps. We don't use any preservatives in our soaps.

Naturally, our soap bars and body washes create a creamy lather, gently clean, nourish and hydrate the skin. You will experience a luxury soaps, totally different to normal commercial soaps and shower gels from synthetic detergents in the market.

2. Is lye existing in your soaps?

Totally NOT! During the saponification, lye converts vegetable oils into soap and glycerine. When the saponification ends, lye does not exist in our final products which contain only soap, glycerine and vegetable oils as super fat to nourish the skin.

3. Why do your Body Washes have an oil layer on the top or residues on the bottom of bottles?

Our Body Washes are liquid soap (Refer to How we make soaps for more details) and we calculate a superfat ratio remained of Coconut oil, Olive oil during the production. The remained oils together with essential oils nourish the skin.

We do not use any synthetic emusifiers to make oils dissolve in water, therefore you see an oil layer on the top of bottles.

For the products with purees or herbal extracts such as Aloe vera gel or coffee, a layer of these added ingredients settle on the bottom of bottles. These ingredients are sterilized during production.

Customers can feel safe using our body washes when they are not expired. It's simply to shake the bottles before use.

4. Do your soaps make tears?

Yes. Customer should keep the soap from entering your eyes. When soap get into your eyes, wash several times with clean water .

5. Do soaps and body washes by Hebe's Naturals last for long?

We do not use any preservatives in our soaps and body washes. But due to their soap properties, soap bars have shelf life of 1-3 years depending on used ingredients. Body wash can shelf 6-12 months. Customers kindly refer to expire information on the product packaging. The product should be used up within 3 months of unpackaged to reserve its natural aroma.

6. I have sensitive skin, can I use your soaps and other products?

We have products for sensitive skin noted on product descriptions. We can suggest OLIVE Soap or GOATMILK Coconut+Shea Soap to nourish your skin gently.

7. Do you use palm oil in soap production, indirectly causing deforestation?

We don't use palm oil in our soaps eventhough this is a cheap ingredient which may help us to have more profits. Hebe's Naturals only use high quality ingredients in our soaps for your luxury, all natural and organic experience.

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