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Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches for great freshness.

Natural origin materials contribute 100% to perfectly nourish the skin.


Where do our soaps come from?

Saponification of vegetable fatty acids:

Vegetable Oil + Lye --> Soap + Vegetable Glycerin

Soaps are salts of fatty acids compositing vegetable oil. They are natural surfactants which wash out dirty substances in water. The vegatable glycerine serves as emollient to keep the skin hydrated. The soaps are cured in 6-8 weeks or more before sale so that the lye does not remain in the final product.

What are our materials?

  • Premium vegetable oils including Olive oil (extra virgin), Coconut oil (virgin, USDA organic), Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Argan oil, Shea butter. They are source of nutritions to nourish the skin.

  • Lye (NaOH & KOH): natural origin and analytical grade (for lab use) with highest purity.

  • Other natural additives like oatmeal, fruit purees, clays to prodive more vitamins, nutritions and minerals to the skin.


What are benefits of our handcrafted soaps?

  • The gentle cleansing by an all natural soap is a favorite feeling to our skin.

  • Inflamation and break out will not be a bother situation on skin because nature will merge with nature easily without any harmful effect when you choose an appropriate soap for yourself.

  • Your senses will be awaken with luxury aroma from pure essential oils of natural herbs, flowers and woods during a bath with handcrafted soaps & body wash from Hebe's Naturals. It's enjoyable moment when you are treated by aromatherapy.

  • Each pure essential oil used in our soaps has its own benefits on skincare such as reducing wrinkles, oil control, enhancing cell generation or disinfection.

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