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Where our organic journey start?

Back in 2010 in Hanoi when Hau, our founder (a biochemist), was diagnosed with a breast tumour at her young age. After an operation to remove the tumour, doctors adviced her to live a healthy lifestyle. Living in city with a frequent travel job, she chose to get more organic foods and natural cosmetics. She spent her free time on reading and investigating ingredients to choose reliable products for her daily intakes. This built her a bulk of knowledge on chemicals used in industrial foods and cosmetics, their toxicity and safety guidance.

Why Artisan soaps?

In early 2015, her first baby come in happiness, but he got skin allergy and infection at 2 month old which needed treatment for 6 months later. And once again, she got doctor's advice for her baby that he should be given bath only with lime water.

In summer 2016, her baby run more, played outdoor more and sweated more in the tropical weather of Hanoi, which created good condition for bacteria growth. And he got serious heat rask. Taking bath with lime water couldn't cure his skin.

With biochemistry background and knowledge of natural ingredients, Hau made her first soaps from all vegetable oils to ensure a gentle clean to her baby's skin.

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Organic Coconut+Shea artisan soaps in Summer 2018.

Our first all natural soaps were used within family, relatives and closed friends. It was very happy that Hau's baby went through summer 2017 with no heat rask. His skin became soft, smooth and no more allergy.

After 2 years of development with many improvement in recipes and ingredients, our first artisan soap line came to market in April 2018. Our customers loved their natural aroma from pure essential herb oils and the softness left on the skin after washing up. They loved the healthy ingredients our soaps provided to nourish their skin together with their antiaging and antioxidant properties.

Today, our product lines are widen, from soap bars to liquid soaps, essential oils. We will bring our customers organic creams and lotions, balms for skincare and more with a deep care of customer's health and wellness.

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